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Winnipeg Boudoir Photography

So you're tossing around that crazy idea of hiring Honey for a Boudoir Portrait Session, but you still have a few questions holding you back. Let me see if I can help...


When did you start photographing boudoir sessions?


Although I started by business photographing weddings and editorial photography in 2001, boudoir became a new facet of my photography business in January of 2010. After my first shoot, I was in love. As of 2017, I have closed the book on most chapters of my photography career and have decided to focus on boudoir (okay and maybe food...I won't turn down an editorial-syle food shoot).

Providing tasteful boudoir photography and showing women how gorgeous they are is so rewarding! It's such a great feeling! For me, it's not about making the images as sexy as possible, but rather highlighting my client's beauty and building her self-esteem.


Why do women want a boudoir photo-shoot?


Well, obviously boudoir goes back to the pin-up days, but it has become quite popular again. I believe its popularity came back when brides started searching for a more personal and unique gift for their husband-to-be. Boudoir photography became a gift that the guys wouldn't see coming...which is what makes it even more fun for those of you who are still in the closet with your sexy side. You have the potential to be some of the best clients.

This doesn't have to be a gift for just someone can be, and SHOULD also be a gift for YOURSELF! In the end, no matter who you meant it to be for, it will ultimately be the most rewarding for you. In this sense, boudoir sessions have a two-for-one value.

I have yet to see or hear of a client not beaming with self-confidence after seeing their final images. This is a self-rewarding, confidence boosting experience that you will have forever.

Boudoir sessions make great birthday gifts and/or morale-boosting gift to yourself.


How much do I "reveal" in my photo session? Can I control how much I want to show?


YOUR comfort is my #1 priority (next to making sure you look drop-dead gorgeous in your final images)! Everyone has different comfort levels. You would never know it, but I'm actually pretty modest myself. Growing up with two sisters you'd think it would be no biggie to change in a locker room or see a little "more" of someone than I expected to. If you could ask my life-long friends they would tell you that I am outgoing, but modest when it comes to nudity. I'm really laying it all out there for you now, but I want you to know that I UNDERSTAND!

I'm much more open about it now that I'm a mature, free-spirited, female photographer! However, honestly, I'm not big on full nudity from or with strangers. ;) Understandable, right? If you want to show a lot of skin...we'll find a modest way to do it that doesn't leave you buck-naked in front of me, the windows, or the camera!


Are you willing to provide a couple's session or a male session?


Sorry, but the answer to these inquiries is "no". I provide this service to females only in a private session with no audience or other participants. My sessions are for the purpose of ladies giving a gift to their significant other and/or as a fun and rewarding confidence booster for themselves.


Where would the shoot be located?


This is up to you, but I will I will discuss your best options with you once I know your home surroundings, budget, and comfort level. My sessions are mostly photographed with the beauty of natural light. A bedroom with nice furnishings, bedding, window light, etc. is perfect. If this is at your home...perfect...then you are in your comfortable space and we have access to all of your accessories, furniture, etc.! If you have a friend or family member that has this ideal them up...just let them know that this is a classy photo session with a classy Winnipeg female photographer!


You will notice on my website that I also shoot boudoir sessions in outdoor public and private settings. This is for the brave who really want something different and edgy. 

Last, but not least, you can also opt. to book a hotel room and make a night of it for you and your sweetie or a girls' night out! Not just any hotel room, let's make it a nice hotel. ;)



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